Deaconess Board:

Women of the church appointed by the Pastor for special service. They prepare elements for Holy Communion and prepare candidates for baptism.

Steward Board:

This board raise and take charge of the money collected for ministry.  They serve for one year and no longer unless re-elected.

Stewardess Board

Female members appointed annually at the pleasure of the Pastor in Charge.  Their duty is to assist the Preacher’s Steward in making provisions for the support and comfort of the Pastor and family.

Trustee Board:

The duty of this board is to provide a place of worship and to take charge of and protect the church property, and to make improvements.

USHER Boards: *

Senior Usher Board

Junior Usher Board

Personnel Committee *

Do Something About It Ideal Club *

Yadseut Club

The Yadseut Club’s purpose is to inform, uplift and motivate its embers to follow the motto: “To Serve Others”. Formed in 1932, it is the first African-American Women’s Club in Monroe County. With members from churches throughout the city of Rochester, The Yadseut Club continues to serve its member and the community today.


Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society (WHOMS):

The purpose is to promote growth in the knowledge and understanding of God and His plan of redemption for the world.

     Parent Body – Women 40 years and older

Young Adult Missionary Society – Shall include women 22 – 40 years old

       Youth Missionary Society – Serve two groups Junior Y’s 13-16 years old; Senior Y’s 17-21

Bud of Promise Juvenile Missionary Society

Readiness level ages 1-3; Beginners Level ages 4-6; Primary Level ages 6-12

Bureau of Supply

Solicit donations and supplies for local, district, and conference causes

Life Members Council

Raise funds for scholarships by encouraging the purchase of life member stoles

Class Leaders Ministry

Serve as a conduit for the Pastor by visiting those who absent, to advise, reprove, comfort, or exhort member as occasion may require.

Christian Education Ministry

The mandate is to promote and supervise Christian training and development of the entire membership.

Lay Council Ministry

The purpose is to organize the laity in the local church and to aid and deepen the spiritual life of the laity and cultivate denominational loyalty.

Harriet Tubman Society

To assist with the development of the home property of the Underground Railroad heroine of our race, and noble courageous leader for the price she paid for freedom of her race.

Music Ministries *

  1. Children’s Choir
  2. Mass Choir
  3. Men’s Ensemble

Home Mission Ministry

The purpose of this society is to foster church growth.

Audio Visual Ministry *

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry, takes care of the minor needs of the Pastor. Provides aid to the Pastor and/ or his family to ensure their well-being. The Pastor’s Aide is just the steering committee, because the care of the Pastor is the responsibility of the entire church. We as a ministry plans and organizes special events for the Pastor (i.e. Birthday celebrations, Anniversaries etc.). Our first and most important responsibility is to support him emotionally and spiritually by continually keeping him and his family lifted up in prayer

CI Bullock Scholarship Committee Ministry *

Health Ministry *

Discipleship Bible Study Ministry *

Women’s Ministry *

Men’s Ministry *